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Website Credits


The Palau-Airai web site and curriculum guide was funded by

PREL—Pacific Resources for Education and Learning.

This website also came into being through the kindness, generosity, assistance, and contributions of a great many people. Pacific Worlds acknowledges and thanks them for their ongoing help in making this website possible.

Production Team:

RDK Herman: research, photography, graphics, web design and construction
Peter Fendrick: Web design consultant
Jennifer Ballengee: Text & Content editor
Marty Roberge
: GIS mapping
Wendy Shaw, UNSW: On-site Ethnographic Advisor
Vivian Blaxell: Code editing
Joe Robinson CGIS, Towson U: Cartographic Assistance

Advisory Board:

Mario Katosang, Minister of Education
Johnson Toribiong, high chief of Airai Village
Walter Metes, Registrar, Historic Preservation
Faustina Rehuher, Director, Belau National Museum
Sinton Soalablai, Chief of Curriculum, Palau MOE
Masaharu Tmodrang, Educator
Silves Mikel, PREL Palau Service Center
Kavita Rao: PRELStar coordinator
Steve Baxendale: PRELStar supervisor

Site Guides:

Ngiraked Johnson Toribiong
Rurecherudel Iyechad Yaoch

Walter Metes
Kathy Kesolei
Noah Idechong
Masaharu Tmodrang
Faustina Rehuher
Tarita Holm

Assistance and Contributions:
Enormous thanks to

• The Airai Council of Chiefs
• People and Homes of Airai State
• Belau National Museu
• Masaharu Tmodrang
• Silves Mikel, PREL Palau Service Center
• Palau Ministry of Education
• Imengal N. Mad, Palau Community College
• William Burmeister and Peter Ma, Ministry of Resources & Development
• P. Kempis Ma, Research Historian
• Margo Vitarelli
• Ethan Daniel, OERC
• Scott Fitzpatrick, University of Oregon

Additional thanks to:

• West Plaza Desekel Hotel & their kind staff
• Toyota Rental Car, Palau
• Palau International Coral Reef Research Center
• Crocodile Farm, Koror
• Ian Lundgren, Peace Corps
• Yano Foods, Koror



Sources and links for the Homepage section:

CIA World Factbook: Palau

Karolle, Bruce G. Atlas of Micronesia. 2nd ed. Honolulu: Bess Press, 1993.

Kramer, A. (1917-1926) Palau Five Volumes. In G. Thilenius, Ergebnisse der Sudsee Expedition, 1908-1910. Hamburg: Friederichsen.

Earth from Space images derived from the Earth and Moon Viewer:

Icons used to represent the different chapters on this website are drawn from Palauan artworks. Some are taken from storyboards in the Bairairrai; others were provided by Margo Vitarelli, formerly of the Belau National Museum.


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