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The Sea
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Ulithi, like other true atolls, is a string of islets around a central lagoon. In this case, it is the second largest lagoon in the world. We learn about the management of waters inside the lagoon, and its relationship to social structure.

Beaches are most notably the home for canoes and canoe houses. The activities of the canoe house are discussed. Supplementary pages explore canoe carving, and the kinds of equipment one should take on the canoe.

On the Reef
As with the lagoon, the reefs are also subject to management and control by different portions of the community. Reef ownership is explained, and the office of the raat, who oversee activities in the lagoon. Tides and channels are considered.

Fishing in Ulithi is seasonal, traditionally. Different kinds of seasonal fishing are discussed, along with the equipment and baits used. A little bit about fish magic is considered.


Zones of the sea; waves and tides;
fish and fishing.


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Seaside |  Beaches |  On the Reef |  Fishing |  Language |  Sources & Links
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