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February 10, 2001 Workshop Evaluations

Workshop held at the University of Hawai‘i, Manoa,
Social Sciences room 443
24 Participants


Workshop Sponsors:
Hawai‘i Geographic Alliance
Center for Pacific Island Studies


What was valuable for you and how will you use the information/site with your students?

--"Informative - personal.  Comparative study between Ha‘ena and generic ahupua‘a lessons."

--"Another site for information is terrific.  This would be used to supplement intro to Hawaiian Studies and Modern History of Hawai‘i.  Also use to contrast and compare islands in the Pacific."

--"That the site exists and will expand.  Can be used as a model for Pacific Islands."

--"The information was useful and valuable (useful for classroom use).

--"Lesson plans are very valuable -- lots of good ideas.  Site is gorgeous -- good place to spend time.  Template for study -- very useful for student projects."

--"Viewing website.  Discussion of website 1 chapter.  Will use website on a template.  Would like students to create a similar website on a much smaller scale.  Will share information with other colleagues who teaches 7th grade."

--"Valuable.  Gives me ideas as to how I can approach this with kids of any grade.  Gives tools to use to get started.  I can use the template ideas right away for my own area."

--"Use of Internet resources for research.  Informative gathering."

--"Good to see younger and older kid projects.  Great resource - will be able to use information from the site and hopefully link them and design other research projects into websites."

--"Template of site - Were working on a school website of our ahupua’a so this was very valuable.  Am excited about the website as there is such a paucity of material on the Pacific Islands."

--"I like the way the set was presented in chronological order.  You may want to extend the Ha‘ena lesson by asking (interviewing) both students and Kupuna the questions.  What will Ha’ena be like in the future?  Ha‘ena in 100 years?"

--"The technology aspect will help in meeting standards.  Wonderful information on the site.  The students can check out to do comparison to their own school area.  Springboard for student doing research on our town, Ha‘iku.  Incredible resource with links, literature, bibliography, etc.  Snapshot picture.  Students could start to look at Pacific Island Natives to research too."

--"Guide to the site was good and reasoning behind it.  Wow, so much information on one small spot!!"

--"All of it - it fits in nicely with my fourth grade curriculum.  I'd like to have my students do a similar project for the ahupua‘a they live in currently or one that they must identify with."

--"Great work done so far; provides a template for expansion and implementation in the classroom."

--"For my class - a specific site to help broaden their understanding of cultures.  A data base on what to compare their locals with others."

--"Seeing the template - organizational map.  I can use this with my students.  How exciting to be involved with this project.  I cant wait to use this template with Moloka‘i."

--"Very interesting - I learned a lot about how land was divided.  I am excited to see information on the other islands."

--"I will use this with my students.  I think the value of having students take a closer look at their own ahupua‘a will be of interest and value.  Will share with Action Research teams, Department Heads and other teachers.  Everything is valuable."

--"I think the site is fantastic!  It brings geography close to home and connects technology to the familiar.  Students sense at ownership to the content should facilitate their learning about technology and increase their comfort and with the web."


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