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Kaua‘i, November 10, 2001
Workshop Evaluations

Held at the Computer Lab,
Kaua‘i Community College, Lihu‘e
10 Participants


Workshop Sponsors:
Hawai‘i Geographic Alliance
Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities


1. What portion of the workshop was valuable for you? Explain.

• An Introduction to the website — just knowing it, was the most important. It was also helpful to learn about navigating the site.

• Personal tour of the sites (Nawiliwili and Ha‘ena) by the authors. The site map and architecture keys are very valuable.

• I was extremely interested in the data collection and architecture pages to help me map the salt bed project that I'm working on with my students. I would also make a poster (large) for my students before beginning to navigate.

• Seeing and hearing about the website - very inspiring!

• Painted resource guide, website review, and network perspectives.

• Everything! This will be of great use for me. It's a wonderful resource for my family, friends, and students.

• Discussions.

• Knowing about this website, going through and learning what is on it, how to get to each location, etc. Having the lessons outlined for our use.

• All—loved seeing the website as a resource and to share information/ stories/ connections with others.

• Website visit is informative—the teacher resource guide very valuable.


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2. How will you use the information/website with your students?

• Mostly referencing it to them—recommending that they make use of it.

• As a guideline for possible projects.

• I will write specific lessons, which integrate what is going on in my class and use your site as a reference. I especially want to use the "Arrival" page and ask my students to evaluate the environment in terms of sustaining a large population. I also will use the research information on the Menehune.

• We want to make a website to link to yours.

• Will incorporate lesson plans/curriculum from ‘Ohana and Native Hawaiian values and ways of thinking. Supportive views and perspectives will be used to enhance lessons.

• I want to add this site for Wailua. It would go through the school's website with links. The students can use this for a resource to create their own.

• Resource Guide

• I'm not in a classroom where computers are available to each student; therefore I must use visuals on paper for my students in the 5th grade.

• As a foundation for information and a beginning for more study/exploration.

• Supplementary material for lessons.



3. How can we be of further help to you?

• Keep doing it. Mahalo nui loa.

• I'll be contacting you when I have further information about taking your website tot he attention of the Hawaiian Studies Advising Council of the DOE.

• Help us get the program defined - that will allow us to create a website.

• Disclaimer? Protection of sacred sites. Support of other ahupua‘a websites.

• Help in planning of website—money for planning time. Help from Doug on how to do this (or possibly be willing to communicate with our tech person).

• Keep going.

• I will take this information back to the other Kumu/Kupuna in Hawaiian Studies. They may have questions, which I can forward to you.

• Enable a way to keep in touch with you and keep up with your needs/ideas for expansion in what you have and what is needed to capture the history.




• I will share the information with others so that they will be aware of its existence.

• Mahalo for sharing your expertise with us. The children of Hawai‘i will be the beneficiaries.

• Well done!

• Mahalo nui loa.

• Thank you!!

• Mahalo for your time. My time was well spent.

• Thank you so much!!

• Thank you for this presentation.




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