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As part of the Pacific Worlds project, we have developed curricular materials for regional teachers. These resources are currently aimed at the 4th grade to 8th grade level, but can be used with other age groups. They have even been used at the university level.

The main component of our curricular materials is the Teachers Resource Guide. This document includes a series of lessons and exercises that correspond to the eight-chapter format of Pacific Worlds websites. There is also an online version of the Guide, directed more at students. These documents are brought up by clicking the "Exercises" icon where it appears near the top of most web pages.

The Exercises icon.

The thrust of these exercises is to engage students in geographical thinking, in ways that draw on their own cultural resources and their own home-island locations. At the same time, these exercises often require comparative consideration of "Western" versus indigenous views. This is intended to open up space for discussion as to the differences and merits of each approach.

We emphasize that Pacific Worlds aims to promote education rooted in Indigenous cultural values and worldviews. This project is intended to counter-balance existing textbooks and curricular materials that foster predominantly modern, Western approaches. We encourage teachers to consider Pacific Worlds as but one of several resources, and to use different kinds of materials to promote broader thinking.

The Teachers Resource Guide is free for reproduction and classroom distribution. We emphasize that this is a draft, and will be subject to periodic updates. It is yours to use in whole or in part, or even to modify and rewrite( for classroom purposes only). Please credit Pacific Worlds for such uses.

The Teacher's Resource Guide and the Pacific Worlds website are being introduced to Hawai‘i -Pacific teachers through teacher workshops. The Guide and the workshops are developed to serve Content and Performance Standards for US-Pacific entities. Use the links above or below to learn about these other services of Pacific Worlds.



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