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Website Credits


The Nu‘uanu web site was produced with funding from the
Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities
and the
Atherton Family Foundation
Additional sponsorship was provided by
Pili Productions, Inc

This website also came into being through the kindness, generosity, assistance, and contributions of a great many people. Pacific Worlds acknowledges and thanks them for their ongoing help in making this website possible.

Production Team:

RDK Herman: research, photograpy, graphics, web design and construction
Carlos Andrade: research and advisor on Hawaiian culture and history
Mary Frances Higuchi: Workshop Coordinator
Peter Fendrick: Web design consultant
Jennifer Ballengee: Text & Content Editing
Kali Fermantez: Research Assistant
Joe Robinson, CGIS, Towson U: Cartographic Assistance
Chuck Langlas: Financial Oversight
Vivian Blaxell: Code editing
Frank Karpiel: General Guidance

Site Guides:

Jim Bartels, Washington Place
Lynette Cruz, Sacred Times Sacred Places
Melvin Kalahiki, Malama Kaniakapupu
, Hui Na‘auao
Stephen Kubota, Ahupua‘a Action Alliance
Bill Maioho, Mauna ‘Ala
Puakea Nogelmeier, Hawaiian Language, UH Manoa
Noenoe Silva, UH Political Science
Jerry Walker, Lua Instructor
with additional help from Carol Silva and Carol Kalahiki

Assistance and Contributions:
Enormous thanks to

Hawai‘i Geographic Alliance
Pacific Resources for Education & Learning
Hawai‘i State Archives
Alan at the Hawai‘i DAGS
Bishop Museum - DeSoto Brown & archivists
University of Hawai‘i Press
O‘ahu Country Club
Friends of ‘Iolani Palace
Michael G. Sheehan
Ka‘imi Summers
Bob Alaka‘i and Baron Ching
Lynette Cruz
Abraham and Ilima Pi‘ianai‘a
Diane King, Hawai‘i Nature Center
The kupuna at Ma‘ema‘e Elementary School
R. Dwayne Steele

Special Thanks:

Phyllis and Murray Turnbull for enormous hospitality in Honolulu.
Department of Geography, UH Manoa, for their kind aid and support.


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