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Nu‘uanu, O‘ahu:
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The maps used in this site are arranged according to the chapter and subsection in which they are found. A short description is provided to enable you to ascertain which map most closely serves your needs. Clicking the petroglyph will open the image only, in a separate page. Click the text-link to view the map on the page in which it appears.

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Nu‘uanu's location within the eight major Hawaiian Islands

Home: Location

Nu‘uanu's location within the ahupua‘a of O‘ahu

Home: Location

Orientation map to places and feartures at Nu‘uanu

Home: Orientation

Sites associated with the arrival of mo‘o

Arrival: Legendary Setting

Sites associated with Ke-ao-melemele

Arrival: Legendary Setting

Nu‘uanu's neighboring valleys

Arrival: Neighbors

Initial sites of engagement, the Battle of Nu‘uanu

Native Place: Battle of Nu‘uanu

Upper Nu‘uanu sites associated with the Battle

Native Place: Battle of Nu‘uanu

Legendary openings to the Pohukaina cave system

Native Place: Pohukaina

Archaeologist's map of Kaniakapupu

Native Place: Kaniakapupu

Kaniakapupu as "old ruin," 1874

Native Place: Kaniakapupu

Honolulu in 1843

The Sea: Seaside*

Areas of Nu‘uanu

The Land: Areas

Hunting Zone of upper Nu‘uanu

The Land: Areas*

Interactive map of Streams and reservoirs in Nu‘uanu

The Land: Water

Government electic works, 1920

The Land: Water

The Auwai system of Nu‘uanu

The Land: Water

Map of photographs from the Nu‘uanu stream slideshow

The Land: Water*

1817 map of Honolulu taro lo‘i

The Land: Planting

1858 map of Honolulu taro lo‘i

The Land: Planting

1888 map detail showing density of lo‘i

The Land: Planting

Interactive map of storied places in Nu‘uanu

Footprints: Other Storied Places

1874 map showing Ka-hau-komo area

Footprints: Other Storied Places*

1920 map showing Peleula

Footprints: Other Storied Places*

Interactive map to Mahele claims in Nu‘uanu

Visitors: Mahele

Interactive map of kuleana lands in Nu‘uanu (links to 8 maps)

Visitors: Mahele

Luakaha land as L.C.A. 5 to George Pelly

Visitors: Aftermath

Interactive map for sites of Mauna ‘Ala

Memories: Mauna ‘Ala

‘Iolani Palace, first floor, 1883-1886

Memories: Overthrow*

‘Iolani Palace, second floor, 1883-1886

Memories: Overthrow*

‘Iolani Palace, first floor, 1900-1969

Memories: Overthrow*

‘Iolani Palace, second floor, 1900-1969

Memories: Overthrow*

1877 map of Hanaiakamalama property

Memories: Hanaiakamalama

Nu‘uanu Residences, 1887

Memories: Hanaiakamalama*

Nu‘uanu Residences, 1897

Memories: Hanaiakamalama*

Nu‘uanu Residences, 1920

Memories: Hanaiakamalama*

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