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Map Library

The maps used in this site are arranged according to the chapter and subsection in which they are found. A short description is provided to enable you to ascertain which map most closely serves your needs.

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Map on Page:

Palau on the Globe

Home: Location

Palau within Micronesia

Home: Location

Map of the entire Palau Archipelago

Home: Location

Main Islands of the Palau Archipelago

Home: Location

States of Babeldaob

Home: Location

Airai State

Home: Orientation

Desbedall—Eastern villages of Airai

Home: Orientation

Western villages of Airai

Home: Orientation

Aerial photograph with identified sites in Airai State

Home: Orientation

Orientation map to Airai Village

Home: Orientation

Route from Koror to Airai Village

Home: Getting There

Location of Peleliu Island

Arrival: Come Ashore

Migration from Peleliu to Ngerechelong

Arrival: Come Ashore

Migration from Ngerechelong to Airai Village

Arrival: Come Ashore

Migration from Angaur to Babeldaob

Arrival: The Ancients

Relative location of Palau to Southeast Asia

Arrival: The Ancients

Airai, "Leg Peak"and the four children of Milad.

Arrival: Legendary Setting

Interactive map of Airai Village and Pathways

Native Place: Village

Location of Kombas and two landing places in Airai Village

Native Place: Kombas

Yapese quarry sites in Airai State

Native Place: Yapese Quarry

Quarry site at Metukerabisech

Native Place: Yapese Quarry

Relative location of Yap and Palau

Native Place: Yapese Quarry

Airai Village landing places and estuaries

The Sea: Seaside

Air-photo map of ecological zones in Airai State

The Land: Areas

Major streams and water bodies of Airai State

The Land: Water

Storied Hills of Airai State

Footprints: Feasts

Map of Medechiibelau's canoe race

Footprints: Fooling the Gods

Locations associated with the Oikull Ladies

Footprints: Oikull Ladies

Location of Ulong Island

Visitors: Explorers

Wilson's map of Palau

Visitors: Explorers

Hong Kong and Western Micronesia

Visitors: Missionaries

Japanese map of Koror State (see link to larger version)

Visitors: Aftermath

Location of Oikull Village

Memories: New Village

1948 U.S. Military map of the TTPI.

Memories: Governance

Traditional bai as shown on Kramer's map.

Onwards: Community


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