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The Land





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The Land
Chapter Contents:


Tarita Holm discusses the different environmental and usage zones that are found in Palau and in Airai State in particular, with their names and uses.

Palauans divide the year into two seasons based on the changing of the winds. These seasons are further connected with changes in the tides, and with fruiting and spawning seasons upland and in the sea.

Palauans associate rain with different phenomena on the land and in the sea, as well as with distinct seasons and their winds. Also discussed are different names for different rains, and a distinct object associated with rain that used to reside in Airai Village.

The Forest
Uses and rituals regarding the forest are discussed here, from agroforestry to spiritual aspects and protocols for using forest materials. Hunting and gathering techniques, past and present, are also considered.

Our guides discuss the uses and protocols regarding water usage in Palau. Kathy explains how drinking water was captured off tree trunks, and Tarita considers the health of Airai's Ngerikiil river.

Kathy explains the importance of the taro patch to Palauan women, and the traditions and uses surrounding this form of agriculture.


Zones of the land; topographical features; environmental phenomena; and agricultural lands and crop plants.


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Areas |  Winds |  Rains |  The Forest |  Water |  Planting |  Language |  Sources & Links
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