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The Sea
Chapter Contents:


Noah talks about how the sea was the domain of men, and explains the location and function of canoe houses and landing places in a Palauan village. Coastal gathering practices are also considered.

On the Island of Babeldaob, beaches are only found in certain areas, and Airai State is not one of them. Instead, mangrove forests are found in abundance, and play various important roles in the environment and in village life.

On the Reef
Most of the Palau islands sit on a platform surrounded by a barrier reef. Noah talks about different resources and modes for gathering. Johnson and Rurecherudel tell stories of Medechiibelau that explain the abundance of certain species.

Different techniques and tools for fishing are discussed. Noah talks about preferred fish in Palau. Johnson and Rurecherudel tell the story of Medechiibelau and the barracuda.


Zones of the sea; waves and tides;
fish and fishing.


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Seaside |  Beaches |  On the Reef |  Fishing |  Language |  Sources & Links
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