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The Pacific Worlds project serves educators in addressing a number of State standards for K-12 schools outlined by the State of Hawai‘i Department of Education.

Because of its cross-disciplinary and holistic approach to people and place, the Pacific Worlds project continues to address Standards from a number of categories, particularly in Social Studies but with potential for use in addressing World Languages and even Science. In particular, this project is useful for addressing the following standards:

Fourth-Grade Social Studies: Hawaiian history and culture:

  • Theme 1: Creation Beliefs and Polynesian Migration
  • Theme 2: Early Hawaiian-Environment Interaction
  • Theme 3: Early Hawaiians and the Land
  • Theme 4 The Evolution of Hawaiian Culture
  • Theme 5: Beliefs of Early Hawaiian Society
  • Theme 6: Governance in Early Hawaiian Society
  • Theme 7: Life in the Ahupua‘a
  • Theme 8: The Beginnings of the Hawaiian Kingdom through Unification

Read the standards here.

Grades 6-8: History of the Hawaiian Kingdom:

  • Theme 1: Unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Theme 2: The Developing Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Theme 3: The Late Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Theme 4: Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Read the standards here.

Grades 6-8: Pacific Island Studies:

  • Theme 1: Early Pacific People
  • Theme 2: Historic Encounters and Exchanges in the Pacific
  • Theme 3: The Contemporary Pacific

Read the standards here.

Grades 9-12: Modern History of Hawai‘i:

  • Theme 1: Overthrow of Hawaiian Monarchy
  • Theme 2: Late 19th and 20th Century Plantation System
  • Theme 3: World War II and Democratic Revolution
  • Theme 4: Contemporary Issues

Read the standards here.

Complete information on Standards-based education from the State of Hawai‘i Department of Education can be found here.


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