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The Sea
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Tanapag has always had at least one "community center" next to the sea. We hear more of the modern history and function of this place. Gathering activities for crabs and clams are recounted.

Tanapag has one main beach, with other beaches named after local landowners. Here the Tanapag youths learned to swim. Estella recounts the salt factory her mother established on the beach, and the various means of food preservation are discussed.

On the Reef
Carolinians chose to settle at Tanapag because the reef system afforded a range of environments, hence excellent fishing grounds. The different zones and locations on the reef are explained, as well as the traditional use of fish weirs.

Fishing is a central part of Carolinian culture in Tanapag. Various different methods of fishing are discussed, in particular the community event of net fishing.


Zones of the sea; waves and tides;
fish and fishing.


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Seaside |  Beaches |  On the Reef |  Fishing |  Language |  Sources & Links
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