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A Native Place
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Old Kohala

Old Kohala
Kawaihae was part of the old Kohala district, and here different chiefs fought battles for control over the island. Famous is the battle between Kamalalawalu and Lonoikamakahiki. Here also the chief Alapa‘i spent his final days, before the rise of Kamehameha.

Pu‘u Kohola

Pu‘u Kohola
Following the instructions of a kahuna from the island of Kaua‘i, Kamehameha build this imposing heiau (temple) atop the hill of Pu‘u Kohola in Kawaihae, just above the pre-existing Mailekini heiau.

Lono & Mailekini

Lono & Mailekini
Pu‘u Kohola occupies a site where two other heiau resided. Mailekini heiau is still present, lower on the hill. And a heiau built by Lonoikamakahiki is said to have been encapsulated within the later structure of Pu‘u Kohola.

Hale o Kapuni

Hale o Kapuni
In the waters of Pelekane Bay below Pu‘u Kohola sits this now submerged heiau where sharks were fed. Nearby is the leaning stone Kikiako‘i, where it is said one of Kamehameha's chiefs, and perhaps Kamehameha himself, watched the sharks feed.


Kawaihae Uka
In the agricultural zone high above the coast, on Kohala mountain, was a separate set of habitation areas, known as Kawaihae Uka ("upland Kawaihae"). The people here used the cool temperatures and more abundant water to grow crops.


Hawaiian terminology concerning the home, structures, family and kinship, and domestic geography.



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