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A timeline for events in the Northern Marianas, on Saipan, and in Tanapag during the 20th century.

World War II
The Battle of Saipan was a very bloody ordeal, with tens of thousands of casualties. Many local people hid in caves during the worst of the bombardments; others were forced to work for the Japanese.

In the Camps
Once the Northern Marianas fell to American forces, all persons living on the islands were rounded up and put into internment camps. Here they lived until after the War was over.

Naval Technical Training Unit (NTTU)
After the War, Saipan became home to the Naval Technical Training Unit. This top-secret intelligence unit, which was essentially the CIA, controlled the island, and fenced off half of Tanapag village for use of its personnel.

After the departure of the NTTU, Saipan became the capital of the entire Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. This brought changes to the Northern Marianas, and led to greater developments in local governance.

It wasn't until the 1980s that local people in Tanapag began to understand the extent of the chemical contamination left behind by the U.S. Military. PCBs and other contaminants now impose a heavy legacy on local inhabitants.


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Special Essays: Methods for Oral History
Two essays provide guidance on doing oral history projects with indigenous elders.

ChronologyWWII  |   In the Camps  |   NTTU  |  Governance  |   Contamination  |   Language  |  Sources & Links
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