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Sources & Links



Bowers, Neal M. (2001) Problems of Resettlement on Saipan, Tinian and Rota, Mariana Islands Saipan: CNMI Historic Preservation Office, Second Edition (First Edition:1950).

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Voice of America tower, Bethany Station:
"VOA site could become Cold War museum" Cincinatti Enquirer, Sunday, March 12, 2000:

International Broadcasting Bureau Transmitting Site on Tinian: photograph from Brewster, Larry (2003) Tour In Tinian:

"Saipan Base Development" Map, Public Works Department, Naval Air Station, Saipan M.I. October 29, 1947. 1:20,000.

Images from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives are available online from the University of Hawai‘i:

We are enormously grateful for permission to use images from the collection of the CNMI Museum and the CNMI Historic Preservation Office.

Except where stated otherwise, all photographs by RDK Herman, Pacific Worlds.


There are an enormous number of websites concerning the Invasion of Saipan and World War II in the Marianas. We encourage readers to search the web under the topics of particular interest.

American Memorial Park, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands World War II Virtual Museum: The Battle For Saipan

Saddler, Ivan (2001) "Voice of America Station in Saipan" Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation.



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