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Chapter Contents:

This section includes an outline of people and events related to Kawaihae and the Big Island of Hawai‘i.

Old Village
Guides discuss the way of life in the old Kawaihae village, providing insights into the lifestyle of a remote fishing community on this large island. Interactive maps focus on sites within the old village.

World War II
With the War, Kawaihae became the military access point for large camps in the Waimea area. Amphibious landings and other types of training took place here on the coast. Papa recalls the gun emplacements they were trained to watch.

Kawaihae is known for its long role in the Waimea cattle industry. Cattle introduced by Vancouver in the late 1700s turned into a boom industry and the growth of Parker Ranch. Kawaihae served as a shipping point for live cattle.

Shortly after World War II, the Big Island was devastated by a tsunami. Residents recall that day, when the waters came up and transformed the village forever.

Following the tsunami, there were pressures by the transportation industry to modify and expand the harbor. This ultimately led to the condemnation of most residences, and the destruction of Kawaihae as a village.


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Special Essays: Methods for Oral History
Two essays provide guidance on doing oral history projects with indigenous elders.

Chronology  |   Old Village  |   World War II  |   Cattle  |   Tsunami  |   Harbor  |   Language  |   Sources & Links
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