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Sources & Links



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‘I‘i, John Papa (1959) Fragments of Hawaiian History Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press. ‘I‘i was raised in the traditional style as an attendant to Kamehameha II. He later served as an influential member of the court of Kamehameha III, and held several public offices until his death in 1870. His is one of few intimate records of life during the early days of Honolulu. Puakea Nogelmeier states that there is much more to ‘I‘i's writings than were published in this volume, but that remainder is still untranslated.
Selection regarding Kamehameha's planting in Nu‘uanu: pp. 68-8.

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Achatinella sowerbyana (O‘ahu land shell) image borrowed from the Bishop Museum's Backyard Aliens website:

Bishop, S.E. (1888) Detail Map of Nuuanu Valley, Honolulu Oahu, Showing Watercourses and Water Rights Hawaiian Government Survey, 1:24,000.

Choris, Louis "Kamehameha in red vest" von Kotzebue expedition, 1816.

Fitzpatrick, Gary L., with Riley Moffat (1986) The Early Mapping of Hawai‘i Palapala'aina; vol. 1. Honolulu: Editions Limited. This excellent work compiles many old maps of the islands.

Kane, Herb "Battle of Nu‘uanu Pali" is borrowed from a website on this event hosted by the Kamehameha Schools, cited above.

Kaniakapupu Field School, 1999-2000, Map of Kaniakapupu University of Hawai‘i at Manoa & Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum. Mapped by J. Field, G. Escott, J.L. Perry, J. Lee, W. Tolleson, E. Ozkan, and field school participants.

Lyons, C.J., Surveyor (1852) Luakaha, Nu‘uanu Valley Kona O‘ahu, including also that portion of Kahapaakai conveyed to the crown by joint resolution, 1852. For the Hawaiian Government Survey and the Commissioners of Crown Lands, November 20, 1874. [Map of Luakaha, showing the "old ruin"].

Photographs of the old ‘Iolani Palace courtesy of the Hawai‘i State Archives.

Photographs of the Hawaiian royalty are drawn from the Star Bulletin website.

All other photographs by RDK Herman, Pacific Worlds.


Huapala - Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives:
Source for "He Lei no Kapi‘olani." Visit this wonderful resource to see a list of Hawaiian songs, old and new.

The Disappearance of Native Hawaiian Snails
Bishop Museum "Backyard Aliens" website:


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