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Sources & Links



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"Kamehameha in red vest" painted by Louis Choris, of the Kotzebue expedition, 1816.

Photographs of the Hawaiian royalty are drawn from the Star Bulletin website.

Herb Kane's painting of the Battle of Nu‘uanu Pali is borrowed from a website on this event hosted by the Kamehameha Schools, cited above.

Photographs of the old ‘Iolani Palace courtesy of the Hawai‘i State Archives.

Map of Kaniakapupu: Kaniakapupu Field School, 1999-2000. University of Hawai‘i at Manoa & Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum. Mapped by J. Field, G. Escott, J.L. Perry, J. Lee, W. Tolleson, E. Ozkan, and field school participants.

Lyons, C.J., Surveyor (1874) Luakaha, Nu‘uanu Valley Kona O‘ahu, including also that portion of Kahapaakai conveyed to the crown by joint resolution, 1852. For the Hawaiian Government Survey and the Commissioners of Crown Lands.

All other photographs by RDK Herman, Pacific Worlds.


Kamehameha Schools, Battle of Nu‘uanu Pali


 Old O‘ahu |  Battle of Nu‘uanu |  Pohukaina |  ‘Iolani Palace |  Kaniakapupu |  Language |  Sources & Links
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