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Sources & Links





Etpison, Mandy T. (1997) Palau: Portrait of Paradise Koror: NECO Marine Corp.

Hezel, Francis X. (1991) Ikelesia Katolik er a Chelsel Belau ("The Catholic Church in Palau"); translated in Palauan by Sylvester Alonz. Koror, Palau : Catholic Mission.

Keate, George (1788) An Account of the Pelew Islands London : Printed for Captain Wilson.

Rechebai, Elizabeth Diaz & Samuel F. McPhetres (1997) "History of Palau: Heritage of an Emerging Nation" Koror: Ministry of Education.



Images from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives are available online from the University of Hawai‘i:

This chapter uses a number of images from the collection of the Belau National Museum, to whom we are enormously grateful. In addition, some captions to these images are derived from "History of Palau" (cited above).

The coast of Ulong photograph by Wendy Shaw, The University of New South Wales.

Untitled Spanish-era graphic copied from Mandy T. Etpison, "Palau: Portrait of a Paradise," 1997.

Metal adze blade photograph by Scott Fitzpatrick. See more on his website:

Except where stated otherwise, all photographs by RDK Herman, Pacific Worlds.


An excellent photographic essay on the German era in Micronesia is presented on the Micronesian Seminar website:



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