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The Land
Chapter Contents:


Rufo takes us on a tour of the place names and regions of Inarajan, explaining the upland and lowland areas. The problem of building on the floodplains is discussed.

Typhoons are the major wind phenomenon affecting Guam, which sits in a part of the Pacific known as "Typhoon Alley." Several of our guides reflect on the good and bad of typhoons, and share stories about these powerful storms.

A look at the seasonal cycle on Guam, and Chamorro attitudes towards rains. The Chamorro calendar is presented, comparing their 13 months to the Western calendar and the cycle of rains.

The Forest
Rufo, Anne and Bill discuss the important cultural values associated with the forest, including respect for the taotaomo'na who dwell there. Ben, Jeff and John explain the deforestation that is apparent on the mountains.

Ben, Joe and Rufo discuss the values and usage of water in Inarajan, while Therese and Tan Floren tell stories about swimming and catching fish and shrimp.

Inarajan has traditionally been a strong agricultural region. Rufo and Tan Floren talk about traditional agricultural practices, and Jeff and John discuss recent innovations in food production.


Zones of the land; topographical features; environmental phenomena; and agricultural lands and crop plants.


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Areas |  Winds |  Rains |  The Forest |  Water |  Planting |  Language |  Sources & Links
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