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The Footprints chapter is for telling stories concerning places and place names. These are the marks left on the landscape not only by those who came before, but in some cases by gods and supernatural beings as they travelled this land.

But because of the relocation of the Chamorro people by the Spanish in the late 1600s, much of this place-based storytelling was lost, and today there is only one storied-place in Inarajan.

But our guides have emphasized that despite this rupture, Chamorro culture carries on in other ways, including certain practices and certain values.

Here we present these value- and tradition-based Footprints of the ancestors that remain imprinted on Inarajan today.



Gådao's Cave
Gådao was a famous and heroic chief. One of his more notable stories is located at Inarajan, where a cave with petroglyphs is said to be associated with his exploits.

This old Chamorro instrument had almost disappeared on Guam, when it was discovered that Inarajan resident Jesus Crisostomo knew how to make it and play it. Therese tells her grandfather's story.

The traditional craft of weaving, using Nipa palm, Coconut Palm, and Pandanus leaf, remains strong in the village. Tan Floren shares her knowledge of this craft.

Anne discusses how the role of women from ancient times carries over to today, particularly in the marriage rites. Illustrated with batiks by Judy Flores.

This system or value of reciprocity remains enormously important in Chamorro culture on Guam. Bill and Anne discuss chenchule', and its particular manifestation surrounding funerals.


Terms relating to stories and storytelling, morality, supernatural beings, and aspects of culture.


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Gådao's Cave |  Belembaotuyan |  Weaving |  Weddings |  Chenchule' |  Language |  Sources & Links
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