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A Native Place
Chapter Contents:


Anne Hattori explains aspects of a traditional Chamorro village, including the latte-stone houses and the guma' uritao.

Inarajan today represents a different kind of village. While more recent in nature, the houses of Inarajan tell the story of Chamorro culture as it has come to us today.

One of the most significant aspects of the Spanish impact on Guam was the establishment of the Catholic Church. Though St. Joseph's church in Inarajan has been rebuilt and restored many times over the past three centuries, it remains a focal point for the community.

Closely affiliated with the church is the cemetery. Anne explains traditional Chamorro burial practices and their relation to contemporary rites. Therese and Bill talk about the tragic impact of recent typhoons.

Most families have inland properties where a much less formal but more culturally rich life takes place. These "ranches" serve an important function in the perpetuation of culture.


Basic Chamorro terminology concerning the home, structures, family and kinship, and domestic geography.


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Village |  Houses |  Church |  Cemetery |  Ranches |  Language |  Sources & Links
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