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A timeline for events on Guam and in Inarajan during the 20th century.

Carabao Days
Before the road to Inarajan was paved, transportation was largely by foot. Therese and Tan Floren discuss the old days of walking, carabao rides, and games that were played.

Tan Floren recalls the arrival of the Japanese to Inarajan, how the people hid at the ranches, and the march to Merizo where they met the American liberation forces.

Father Dueñas
The martyrdom of Father Dueñas at the hands of the Japanese is an important episode of Inarajan's wartime history.

The big change after the War was the impact of Americanization. What was this, and what did it mean to Chamorro culture in Inarajan?

Partly in response to typhoon devastation, many residents of Inarajan village started moving upland to Malojloj, establishing a new residential area in the district.


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Special Essays: Methods for Oral History
Two essays provide guidance on doing oral history projects with indigenous elders.

Carabao Days |  WWII |  Father Dueñas |  Americans |  Typhoon |  Malojloj |  Language |  Sources & Links
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