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The Sea
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Though the village of Inarajan is located close to the waters of Inarajan Bay, the seaside location is not necessarily preferable, as several of our guides explain. Bill discusses gathering crabs, seaweed and shellfish.

Bill and Therese discuss the merits of different swimming locations in Inarajan: the black sand beach of Inarajan Bay, the beach at Bear Rock (Agfåyan Bay), and the remarkable pools constructed on a bit of tidal flat just outside the village proper.

On the Reef
The reefs provide a number of fishing opportunities. Joe, Bill and Earl discuss the different types of reef fish, and the different techniques for catching them.

Very little fishing is done from boats on Guam, beyond the reef. Anne explains why. However, Inarajan has a strong tradition for netting large schools of mackerel that enter the bay. This practice is an important cultural feature of Inarajan.


Zones of the sea; waves and tides;
fish and fishing.


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