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Guam - Inarajan:
Map Library

The maps used in this site are arranged according to the chapter and subsection in which they are found. A short description is provided to enable you to ascertain which map most closely serves your needs.




Guam on the Globe

Home: Location

Guam within Micronesia

Home: Location

Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

Home: Location

Villages of Guam

Home: Location

Orientation to Inarajan municipality

Home: Orientation

Orientation to Inarajan village area

Home: Orientation

Map identifying the Gani islands of the Mariana chain

Arrival: Come Ashore

The Mariana islands in relation to the Philippines

Arrival: Come Ashore

Map of Preserveration Trust homes in Inarajan

Native Place: Houses

Duperrey's map of Inarajan

Native Place: Church

Swimming areas around Inarajan village proper

The Sea: Beaches

Areas of Inarajan municipality

The Land: Areas

Satellite photo-map of "Typhoon Ally"

The Land: Winds

Therese's journey from Inarajan village to Lada

The Land: Winds

Location of Sarigan island in the Mariana chain

The Land: Forest

Stream of Inarajan

The Land: Water

Locations of Tumon Bay and Inarajan

Footprints: Gådao's Cave

Relationship of Guam and the Philippines

Visitors: People

Map of Guam, ca. 1700

Visitors: Aftermath

Routes of the Spanish Galleons

Visitors: Aftermath

The Japanese invasion of Guam

Memories: World War II

Federally controlled land on Guam

Memories: Americans

Interactive map of Gef Pa'go Cultural Village

Onwards: Re-planting


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