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A Native Place
Chapter Contents:


He`eia Fishpond

He‘eia Fishpond
He‘eia fishpond is one of the few remaining of many such structures that once lined the shores of Kāne‘ohe Bay. In recent decades it has been restored and is being brought back into use.

Ke‘alohi Point

Ke‘alohi Point
Alongside the fishponde, Ke‘alohi Point reaches out into the bay. It was once the site of Kalaeulaula Heiau. Ian explains how Kaneohe Bay is a map of all the islands known to the voyagers who settled here.

Leleahina Heiau

Leleahina Heiau
Back up in ‘Ioleka‘a Valley sits Leleahina heiau, a husbandry-class temple—a māpele, which are heiau that are for Lono. Donnie's family has been caretakers of this site, and she gives us a tour.


The ‘ili or land division of Mōkapu is separated from the rest of He‘eia by the bay. Here a different lifestyle took place, and cultural sites attest to the imporance of the area. June, Donnie and Ian take us on a tour.

Dune Burials

Other Heiau
There are several other heiau, or sites where there used to be heiau, within the ahupua‘a of He‘eia. Mahealani walks us through these sites.


Basic terminology relating to Hawaiian Sacred Geography; Social Structure; Domestic Geography; and other terms used in this Chapter.


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