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Sources & Links



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Different versions of the story of Yongl'aab, Liomarer, Filtey, and the gods of Yap and Ulithi are presented here.

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Images are drawn from the above sources where noted.

Images from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives are available online from the University of Hawai‘i:

Color images of sailing canoes and of Satawal courtesy of Benigno Sablan, Tanapag Village, Saipan.

Aerial Photograph of Woleai Atoll from the Coral Reef Research Foundation:

Language map of Micronesia based on Ethnologue:

Except where stated otherwise, all photographs by RDK Herman, Pacific Worlds.


Yap Visitors Center homepage:

Ethnologue Report on Languages of Micronesia:

"Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific" Website at the University of Pennsylvania:



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