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A Native Place
Chapter Contents:


Native 1

Women's House
Traditionally every island had at least one Women's House. These structures were set near the beach at a particular angle so as to be easily recognized. These house are the focus of women's activities and are where women reside during their period.

Men's House

Men's House
The Men's Houses are at the shore, pointed towards the lagoon. Aside from being the primary meeting place for men, these structures also house single men and male visitors.

Native 4

Mtaang Daeyif
Daeyif are house platforms, and these in particular belong to the five mtaang, which are titled positions under the chief of Mogmog. The titles go with the platforms. Stanley and Phillip explain the roles and responsibilities of the mtaang.

Native 3

This platform, unique to Mogmog, is the site where the distribution of certain large sea creatures take place. One of three taboo sites on the island along with the Women's House and the Men's House, the Rool'oang is an important site where social organization comes into play.

Native 5

Gachpar Sites
While not on Ulithi, this series of sites in Gachpar, Yap, are intimately associated with the tribute trips and the relationships between Ulithi, Gachpar village, and the Outer Islands. William Yaad explains these sites of Gachpar.


Basic terminology concerning the home, structures, family and kinship, and domestic geography.


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