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The Land
Chapter Contents:


Mariano explains the different types of zones found on the islands of Ulithi atoll, including rocky areas, sandy areas, and the wet areas where taro is grown.

The mat is opened and the navigation school teaches us the names and natures of different winds in the Central Caroline Islands. Seasons here are defined in terms of wind direction. Steve discusses different types of swell and their importance to navigation.

Our instruction in aspects of navigation continues with some discussion on reading clouds, and the names and natures of different rains. Steve tells that rainbows are used to find islands. Then the mat is rolled up.

The Forest
Anywhere outside of the village is considered forest. Some of the particularly important types of trees and their uses are discussed. Then we begin to learn about traditional herbal medicine in Ulithi. A special page expands on this topic.

The small islands of Ulithi Atoll are dependent on limited (and often brackish) groundwater, or rainwater. Practices concerning the use of these water resources, past and present, are discussed.

Mariana Chim and Lourdes discuss tasks and taboos regarding the taro patch, which is women's domain. Other crops are discussed, and Mariano elaborates on the making of copra. A special page explains tuba, or coconut toddy.


Zones of the land; topographical features; environmental phenomena; and agricultural lands and crop plants.


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Areas |  Winds |  Rains |  The Forest |  Water |  Planting |  Language |  Sources & Links
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