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“We have stories that depict the origins of things," Cal says. "How things become the way they are. And we have a lot of stories that teach us morality, ethics. We have stories that tell you what a good marriage is, how to grow up to be a good son or a daughter, how to be a good parent. On the other hand, it’s a lot of stories that are not so good! You just have to get the right people to tell you the stories.”

Here are some stories told by the good people of Ulithi....



Story 1

Piyel Maawul
This is a historical tale of the battle between the L'oosiyep people and the Mogmog forces, which took place on the sand bar between Mogmog and Sohl'oay. It explains why the turtles are brought to Mogmog to this day.

Story 2

L'oosiyep was once inhabited by giants, legend says. There are marks there today that speak of their size. Today, the island is said to be inhabited by ghosts, and one should behave properly when visiting there.

Story 3

The Octopus Well
Roke Wur tells the story of woman on Soong who went to the well with her baby in a basket. The baby and the basket disappear, but the basket later showed up in a well on Asor.

Story 4

The Giant of Mangeyang
A human-shaped rock on the reef off Mangeyang is the remains of a giant that once lived here. Cal tells us what happened to this giant, how his body ended up on the reef, and how his presence is still respected.

Story 5

Alphonso tells this classic tale of the legendary navigator and his family. As Cal explains, this story speaks of the origins of many kinds of knowledge and skill.


Terms relating to stories and storytelling, morality, supernatural beings, and aspects of culture.


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Piyel Maawul  |  L'oosiyep  |  Octopus Well  |  Mangeyang |  Paeliul'ap  |  Language |  Sources & Links
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