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Website Credits


The CNMI-Tanapag web site and materials were funded by

PREL—Pacific Resources for Education and Learning

with additional support from

Towson University.

This website also came into being through the kindness, generosity, assistance, and contributions of a great many people. Pacific Worlds acknowledges and thanks them for their ongoing help in making this website possible.

Production Team:

RDK Herman: research, photography, graphics, web design and construction
Peter Fendrick: Web design consultant
John Perrelli: Cold Fusion consultant
Jennifer Ballengee: Text and content editing
Ashley Lesh: GIS mapping
Wendy Shaw, UNSW: On-site Ethnographic Advisor
Angie Carlisle, CGIS, Towson U: Cartographic Assistance
Vivian Blaxell: Code editing

Advisory Board:

Ben Sablan, Tanapag Action Group
Jean Olopai, PREL CNMI Service Center
Maggie Sablan, Director, CNMI Museum
Lon Bulgrin, Historic Preservation Office
Steve Baxendale, PRELStar supervisor

Primary Village Contact:

Benigno Magofna Sablan

Site Guides:

Benigno Magofna Sablan
Rosa Taning Castro
Juan Iguel Tenorio
Estella Magofna Pangelinan
Noel B. Quitigua
Scott Russell
Pete Teigita
David N. Rios
Daniel Magofna Sablan
Sylvestre Iguel
Jesus Muña Quitugua
Rosa Tenorio McKinney
Isabel Norita
Yoane Achen
Joaquina Mendiola
Cathy Lisua
Lino Olopai
Manuel Seles
Mrs. Antonio Seman
Mrs. Louisa Sablan

Assistance and Contributions:
Enormous thanks to

• CNMI Historical Preservation Office
• Isaac Magofna, CNMI Council for the Humanities
• People and Homes of Tanapag
• Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Museum
• CNMI Department of Education
• Kenneth C. Cochrane, CNMI Coastal Resources Mgt.
• PREL CNMI Service Center
• Joe Palacios, Director, Man'Amko Center
• Jesus M. Elameto, CNMI Bilingual Education
• Martin L. Gerbens, NMC Library Special Collections
• Center for Geographic Information Sciences, Towson U.

Additional thanks to:

• Samuel F. McPhetres, Northern Marianas College
• Hertz Rental Car, Saipan
• Gold Beach Hotel, Saipan


Sources and links for the Homepage section:

CIA World Factbook: Palau

Karolle, Bruce G. Atlas of Micronesia. 2nd ed. Honolulu: Bess Press, 1993.

Earth from Space images derived from the Earth and Moon Viewer:

Information on the Geology of the Northern Mariana Islands, along with photographs, can be found at the University of North Dakota's Volcano Land website:

Icons used to represent the different chapters on this website are drawn mostly from petroglyphs in the Kalabera cave on Saipan. The turtles come from a petroglyph in a cave on Rota. The latte stone is a commonly used image to represent Chamorro culture. The bell icon is derived from the Spanish bell in the CNMI museum.


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